How One Plastic Surgeon Adds 20-30 New Patients Every Month With “Lost Clicks”…

And Why 8/10 Practices Can Double Their New Patients With A New Tracking Software

As you can see, I’ve made a pretty bold promise. I’ve done so not for shock value, rather to prove why most Cosmetic Practices are missing out on doubling their new patients because of outdated marketing practices. That statement is FACT… not THEORY. 

Which I’m sure leads you to ask these two questions: 

  1. How do I know this?
  2. How might this benefit YOU?

Let me start out by answering the first question.

To be short and sweet, we’re using a new tracking system COMBINED WITH back-door access to search engines like Google. We can see who’s looking for your services and who you’re missing, every…single…month…

Because of this, we’re able to track and target qualified prospects in your local market every day, and funnel them to practices looking to get new patients…

It’s Kinda Like Digital Magic!

But better because it’s reliable and it’s predictable. 

More about that later.

Now to Question #2…

If you’re interested in adding 20-30 new patients per month… And doing so without spending thousands more on Google ads

Here’s how we’re doing it for a Doctor in Twin Falls ID, and why it will work for you too.

Quick Introduction To Dr. Jones...

In early 2019, I was introduced to Dr. Jones, a plastic surgeon from Twin Falls ID. (population just below 50,000) 

He’d heard about our new patient marketing services from a friend, and had even read the case study Facebook™ did on our agency. 

Naturally he was interested, but still a bit skeptical about some of the claims we’d made, or perhaps more bluntly…

He Thought We Were Full Of It.

So I asked him…

“Dr. Jones, what if I could show you something right here on my computer… something that would

“100% Prove We Could Double Your Patients In One Minute?”

“I’m all ears Sam”…

At first I’m sure he thought I was going to show him something silly…something “techie” that I could pass off as a sort of “magic beans”. But then I showed him real proof…

The Back-End Data He Thought No One Had Access To

It was all there, right on the screen…

“Ok, Dr. Jones… Let me show you how the math works on what we call

“Lost Clicks”

Step 1: Take 1.1K clicks (those are people searching by the way)

Step 2: Then add 1.69K clicks (these are “top-tier” searchers)

“That means there’s…

“2700 People Looking
For Your Services Every Month”

Or Maybe More Shocking...

“32,400 You Missed In The Last Year!”

I could see Dr. Jones doing the REAL MATH in his head… figuring out how many patients he’d been missing out on.

We’ll come back to him in just a min.

But at this point we need to understand something… 

…Not every practice has this same opportunity.

However, after looking at all of the marketing being done for Cosmetic Practices, my research shows that approximately 8 of 10 ARE ELIGIBLE… 

Which means there’s a very good chance…

You Too Have a Significant Number Of “Lost Clicks”, just like Dr. Jones.

Which brings me to why I’m sending you this letter today.

I’d like to offer you the same opportunity I gave to Dr. Jones. A chance to see all of the potential patients searching for your services right now. And I’ll not just show you, but I’ll also provide you with a report that will show you how to systematically

Add 30-40 New Patients Per Month To Your Practice

It’s free, and it will show you how to change your business forever, just like Dr. Jones did.

In fact, I just got this text from him…

Once again, this is a free service I’m offering to you. There are no strings attached and I think at this point I think you’d agree there’s something here with the potential to take your business to the next level.

So here’s what I would ask of you.

Submit Your Contact Info In The Box Below...

I request the following info: Your name, contact info, and the best time to reach you.

Nothing else. (We’ll keep it simple)

I’ll respond back and we’ll schedule a time so I can show you how you can start funneling these new patients into your practice in a couple of weeks.

It’s that simple.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Sam Carlson

BTW…I realize I didn’t really introduce myself. I’ve got some credentials listed below so you can feel confident you’re dealing with seasoned professionals.

  • I co-host a podcast called the Next Level Facebook Ads Podcast. It ranks in the top 5 for our topic and has a first page Google ranking.
  • My agency is the only agency with published results by Facebook.(search “Bremerton Wellness + Facebook”)
  • I’ve been a guest on several popular podcasts, namely: The Copywriters Podcast, The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Podcast and The Virtual Summit Podcast.
  • But most importantly, I’m a husband of 17 years and a proud Dad to 4 amazing kids.

Talk soon