Better Results. Zero Effort

Combine machine learning software and human expertise to reach your clinics marketing goals with Facebook and Instagram ads.

Note: This feature is in private beta but will be released at the end of Q2 2020

How Our AI Powered Ads Work

Manage Your Campaign Budget Easily

With our budget tool you can easily allocate funds between different campaigns in an optimal, automated way. Let our algorithms make data-driven decisions and work alongside Facebook’s ad set optimization to really leverage the power of automation. With our budget auto-adjustment, you can automatically scale budgets when results are satisfying. Never miss an opportunity again!

Automatic Bid Management

Understanding the bid mechanics and the auction structure is challenging even for professional marketers, and utilizing it in an efficient way is even harder. When you use Patient Stream you’re letting machine learning algorithms find the optimal bids and bidding strategies through a systematic testing protocol. Great bidding equals greater results, without it being overwhelming and complicated.

Optimized Ads, Creative & Copy

Making sure your message is clear and beautiful is vital to a successful Facebook campaign. Our system creates and optimizes your ads automatically to find the best performing creative and audience. This not only helps with minimizing ad fatigue, but it also makes sure your best ads will be shown to the right audience at the right time – with data to back it up.

Get Back To Running Your Practice

Combining the expertise of professionals alongside powerful algorithmic automation will free up time and increase your results over time.

Advanced machine learning automation technology

Apply machine learning automation to handle your budget allocation, bid management, and ad delivery. Save time, scale your practice and watch your results increase over time.

Focus on strategy while results increase over time

Reallocate your time towards more strategic planning and practice growth while data-driven automation takes care of your day-to-day performance, around the clock.

Team of dedicated experts to help you stay ahead

Our support team can help you with account recommendations and feedback on campaign structure, best practices and more to help you maximize performance & your practice.

More Leads.

Lasting Relationships.

Faster Growth.