Training & Tools To Help Your Clinic Grow

The following videos are universal training’s for clinics. If you have any private training’s those will be added to your account here

Getting Started With Lead Owl 5:28

You’ll have your own slimmed down version of LeadOwl where you can access your leads in real-time and use features!

Organizing Your Leads

When connected to LeadOwl, you’ll receive your leads in real-time, instantly to the mobile app.

Stay organized, use the simple app, take notes, set statuses, and follow up with your leads quickly and efficiently.

What do the colored icons next to each lead mean?

GREEN = less than 15 minutes old – New and fresh!
ORANGE = 15 minutes to up to 60 minutes old
RED = Older than an hour
RED with exclamation ! = Older than 24 hours
GREEN with a checkmark = Contacted – the lead has had some form of interaction/contact via text, email, or phone call.

How To Set The Lead Status

To stay organized within LeadOwl you can update the status for each lead. Setting a lead status allows you to use filters when searching for leads and helps with tracking analytics.

The various Lead statuses are:

Open – new lead that just came in
Sold – a lead that’s been sold/converted
No Sale – a lead that has no sale/dead deal
No Contact – no contact has been made successfully with the lead
Bad Lead – lead that shouldn’t count for analytics, like a test lead

Backend Tutorial 6:24

Here is a short tutorial on how to work with the 25th West backend

Introducing Live Chat

Chat with a support representative live right on 25th West

The One Script 29:01

This training is focused on helping your front office close more of your leads and improving your show rate.

Lead Protocol

Follow Up Framework

Please distribute this to all your front office staff so they are aware of the proper follow up protocols

Follow Up Protocol

Hook, Story, Offer 13:12

Required watching for all 25th West Clients.

Submit Your HSO

Ensure & Reassure 13:51

This is a required training for all 25th West clients. Sam Carlson will discuss how to properly record thank you videos for your landing pages.

Watch Me Do Training 9:32

This training will show you how to create a Watch Me Do video that we can use to build audiences on Facebook and Google

Power Email Sequence

Power Email Sequence 7:55

This training will show you how to setup your power email sequence for your office.

Power Email Sequence

Submit Info / Campaign Request

If you are doing any events, sending in a Hook Story Offer or sending in other information to 25th West. Please use the forms below.

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Step 1 of 3

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